The highly competitive nature of the European programs requires specific training. CPI EUROPE offers professional training services to UPV´s university community at several levels:

  • Activities aimed at PAS and PDI of UPV:
    • Workshops for coordination and participation in proposal consortia
    • Specialized courses for the preparation of proposals
  • Activities aimed at research staff in training stage:
    • Introductory course to European research projects through UPV’s Doctoral School
    • Learning by Doing: CPI EUROPE offers training on writing of proposals. This participation would mean providing a freelance service in the preparation of a European proposal, coordinated with the team for approximately 3 months. This activity is aimed at junior research staff, or recently graduated doctoral students.

If you are interested in collaborating as a freelance writer at CPI EUROPE, at section Learning by Doing you can find our active requests or upload your CV.

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