CPI EUROPE performs, for the research groups at UPV that request it, personalized analyses of the possibilities of sustained participation in Horizon Europe. These analyses include the identification of the areas of interest, the most prevalent projects and consortia, as well as related networks and lobbies. CPI EUROPE´s team, with vast experience in the development of participation strategies, will identify, in coordination with the research group:

  • The research areas fitting with the European priorities
  • Short- and medium-term opportunities
  • European forums in which to participate
  • Key agents with whom to collaborate

Based on the designed strategy, CPI EUROPE provides support to the research groups in its implementation, facilitating personalized information, identifying calls, events and forums, as well as promoting collaboration with key agents.

If you are a researcher at UPV and you are interested in developing your own strategy to participate in HE, you can contact CPI EUROPE to receive further information through the following form.


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