To successfully participate in Horizon Europe it is necessary to filter the project idea and have experience in preparing proposals. On the other hand, preparing an excellent proposal requires significant effort. 

CPI EUROPE offers support to UPV research groups from the conception and filtering of the idea to the construction of the consortium and the drafting of the proposal at two levels:

  • Proposal writing. If the research group does not have staff that can be dedicated to the preparation of the proposal, CPI EUROPE can take charge of it, including the critical integration of all parts of the work plan and state of the art provided by the research group and by other partners, along with writing of the rest of the proposal.
  • Advice. When the research group can take charge of writing the proposal, CPI EUROPE provides support throughout the entire preparation process by providing a writing workplan, methodologies, procedures and specialized work tools, as well as reviewing and outlining texts and orientations.


If you are a researcher at UPV and you are interested in requesting services for preparing HE proposals, you may contact CPI EUROPE to receive further information through the following form.


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