The successful participation in Horizon Europe requires integration into the relevant networks in the different areas of research and innovation. CPI EUROPE provides support to the research groups of UPV in participating in these networks, particularly in the “co-programmed” and “institutionalized” partnerships, generating working groups for this purpose and acting as Technical Secretariat. UPV participates as partner or member of different associations linked to European Partnerships of interest, setting a working group with researchers interested in the area. The group appoints a representative who acts as the main interlocutor for the UPV.

At this moment, CPI EUROPE gives support to the UPV nodes related to the following networks:

  • European Partnership for a Circular Bio-based Europe
      • Bio-based Industries. BBI.
  • European Partnerships on Artificial Intelligence Data and Robotics
      • Big Data Value Association. DAIRO/BDVA
      • Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe. CLAIRE
      • euRobotics
  • European Partnership Made in Europe
      • European Factories of the Future Research Association. EFFRA
  • Processes4Planet – Transforming the European Process Industry for a sustainable society
      • Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency. SPIRE
  • Cultural and Creative Industries. Nem

If you are interested in joining these networks, you can contact CPI EUROPE to receive additional information by means of the following contact form.


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